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Groin Pain in Women: Causes

When groin pain occurs in an individual, the cause can greatly vary between women and men; for instance, conditions affecting genitalia are likely to contribute to the pain. While men suffer groin pain due to underlying problems with male genitalia, women could have a few potential causes which are not related to gynecological reasons whatsoever.

One of the most common reasons that women suffer from groin pain includes suffering an injury in the hip joint. While this means that the injury has occurred in an entirely different area, the pain can still easily be found within the groin area, which is due to something called referred pain. Women often suffer an injury to the hip joint due to repeatedly executing the same repetitive movement and overdoing it. Alternatively, direct trauma can cause injury to the area.

A hernia can also be the source of groin pain in women. This is when one of the internal organs manages to burst through its tissue, poking at the lining of the abdomen, and this most frequently occurs with the intestine. This will usually result in an abdominal lump that is both visible and palpable. Due to the close proximity with the groin, pain in the groin will typically be felt.

Ovarian cysts might also be a source of groin pain in women. These are tiny sacs that, as the name suggests, can develop directly on the ovaries. While they will not often manifest any symptoms, larger sacs will produce pain in the groin area. More severe instances of ovarian cysts can result in the sacs becoming filled with blood and bursting, which causes internal bleeding.

Other potential causes for groin pain in women can include rashes to the groin area, as well as a yeast infection, which occurs when too much fungus accumulates within the vagina, causing a rash in the area of the groin. Finally, another source of rash would be ringworm, a type of skin infection that -- again -- occurs with fungus, which leads to redness, severe itching and groin pain in general. Whatever the cause of the groin pain, it is best to figure out the source and treat that to fix the pain in the groin.