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Blast the Belly Fat!

Stubborn belly fat is one of the most difficult challenges when trying to lose weight. That last little pouch or roll just seems to hang around no matter how hard one works to get rid of it. Although it may be tough, losing belly fat is not impossible. A good plan is what is needed and a good plan involves exercise and eating the right foods. Getting enough sleep also factors in to achieving that six pack.

Eating right is a main ingredient in losing stubborn belly fat. Consumption of sugar and fat even a modest levels will not do anything toward helping get rid of belly fat, neither will over-consumption of carbohydrates, even those that are billed as healthy. Those who are serious about getting rid of belly fat need to consume lean protein and more vegetables. Fill half of the plate with healthy vegetables and make sure they are not seasoned with unhealthy fat. One quarter of the plate should contain a healthy whole grain and the other quarter should contain a serving of lean protein. A serving of lean protein is three ounces. Another staple for losing any type of fat is drinking enough plain water. Water help rids the body of toxins and aids in metabolism. Not drinking enough water can cause the body to hold on to fluid, resulting in a bloated belly. By giving up gassy soft drinks, it is possible that the fluid reduction will result in a flatter belly.

There can be no belly fat burn without physical activity. This activity needs to be more than crunches to burn the fat. Crunches will strengthen the muscles, which is great, but aerobic exercise will help melt the fat away. Aerobic exercise raises the heart rate. Brisk walking, running, jogging on a treadmill, and dancing are all activities that will raise the heart rate and cause one to break a sweat. This is where fat burning begins.

Last but not least, adequate sleep is needed for the body to be an optimum fat burning machine. Most people need at least seven hours of sleep for the body to do the work of fat burning. As a matter of fact the lack of sleep can cause weight gain.

The bottom line is that losing belly fat requires perseverance and a lifestyle that includes healthy eating, moving more and getting enough sleep. All of these work together to blast stubborn belly fat.